Cultural Lag



We are a new zine! We are looking for gritty and interesting 35mm film photographers who would be willing to submit up to 20 images that represent one story and/or body of work. Our hope is to produce a zine that highlights less represented and documented happenings, events, communities and cultures.


  • Must be shot on film. Ideally we would like to see 8-20 from one body of work.

  • Must include a short paragraph describing what the body of work is about (was it from an off beat convention you attended? Are you interested in social problems? Maybe you have a interesting collection you have photographed? A counter cultural group?) Tell us a bit about what we are looking at.

  • Do you have an IG? Send us that info too, please. If not selected for print, we would like to be able to contact you if we decide to feature you on our blog or instagram (@cultural.lag).

  • We are not picky about the image file size during the submission process. If you are selected for publishing, we would contact you and request 300 dpi jpg files.

  • All submissions must be received by July 15, 2019.

  • All questions and submissions should be sent to